Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WROC: Diocese Says "Trust Us"

The WROC report on the re-enrollment figures contains an interesting quote from Diocesan spokesperson Doug Mandelaro: "We are very grateful to people who were very angry and frustrated still found it in their hearts to trust us to come back to Catholic schools. Catholic schools are so important to them they were able to rise about their initial anger and frustration with the closings." (Click here for the direct video link, with different quotes from the written story, including a comment about class sizes and quality of education.)

Is the Diocese again misreading the sentiment of affected families? Are families trusting the Diocese (as the DOR alleges in the RNews report from yesterday), or only playing the hand they've been dealt? Will the true test not be these figures, but actual enrollment come September?


Anonymous said...

We trust the principals and the teachers at Catholic Schools, not the DoR. Most registered to see what would happen. Now with class sizes so large they will not stay.I believe that, unless there is a softening of the position the Diocese has taken people will pull their children out and the whole system will collapse. They are still supposedly down 500 students from where they wanted to be to keep the current tuition (although they got their 48%...their math doesn't make any sense)There is no way they will get those children in without opening one or two schools to create more space at the schools people desire.

Anonymous said...

We most certainly Do Not trust the DoR, Bishop, and associates. The reason we are drawn to Catholic Schools is the wonderful teachers, staff, administrators, environment, and excellent education. One reason these schools work so well is the DoR does not generally have direct involvement. We've not seen the bishop at our school in the 7 years we've been there! I doubt he could even find it on a map! When the DoR does get involved, the results are disasterous.