Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bishop to Holy Cross: Misson Accomplished

DORCatholic has posted a copy of a letter from Bishop Matthew Clark to Fr. Tom Wheeland at Holy Cross, dated May 12, restating many of the reasons for closing the school. While it mentions the alternative proposals put forth, what's disappointing is that is doesn't address why those proposals were rejected.

The most outlandish sentence has to be "What the Task Force hoped would happen has indeed happened." So Bishop Clark is declaring success, having forced more than 900 students out of the system? Having put teachers and faculty on the street? Alienating so many in his flock with such careless leadership? Mission accomplished indeed.

Of course, in the next paragraph, he states that all the problems still remain. Go figure... sadly, this type of double-talk is no longer the least bit surprising.

[A reader comments below that all parishes attached to targeted schools received the same letter. If you have access to a copy, please send it via e-mail so that we can confirm this.]


Anonymous said...

All of the parishes who tried to save their schools or go independent got the same letter. Of course everything worked out as they planned, they kept angering people and scaring people away until they got the numbers they wanted. It's clear that Catholic Schools in the DOR are in danger of extinction as long as we have our current bishop. His retirement cannot come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

What an insensitive letter from the out of touch bishop.

Yes, they sure did accomplished what they set out to. The available space was reduced to accomodate the number of students they preset. Most of the remaining schools will be full and many already have waiting lists for varying grades. Class sizes will be large for those able to remain. Children will have extensive rides around town and even out of county to get to and from their schools and 900 existing students along with countless interested new students have been pushed out altogether. When does he retire?!